Flights To India – New York Consulate Denied Boarding of Overseas Citizen of India Cardholders

As the Christmas and New Year vocation travel season commences, reports have developed of some Indian cause voyagers utilizing the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card to board flights to India from the USA running into troubles with some specific airlines.

A few voyagers who do not update their OCI documents in the wake of having renewed their Passport. they were stopped by the authorities when they were trying to board for their flights to India, as indicated by Sandeep Chakravorty, Consul General of India in New York.

” Voyagers had announced issues around these rules and regulations with Qatar Airways and Air India,” Mr. Chakravorty said. The Qatar Airways problem was accounted at Boston Logan International Airport and the Air India problem, at JFK airpor in New York City, according to Mr. Chakravorty.

“During Indian immigration specialists will acknowledge an OCI card with an previous passport on it for people over 20 years old, the flights to India may in any case cause an issue. So we are exhorting everybody who hasn’t update their OCI card since they got new passports to likewise convey their previous Passport with them,” Mr. Chakravorty disclosed to The Hindu.

The New York Consulate likewise gave a press articulation with the guidelines following these events.

For each OCI cardholder “who is 20 years old or less, he/she need to be renewed their OCI card every time a new passport is provided” according to the rules and regulations. OCI cards need not be renewed for those somewhere in the age of 21 and 49 years. Also, for an OCI cardholder “who achieves the age of 50 years or above, OCI card must be renewed just once after the issuance of new passport,” the announcement says.


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