Important Travel Tips to keep Your Bag And Valuables Safe

We feel fearful of being robbed whereas traveling abroad, alone! concern of being robbed isn’t due to credit cards or cash however due to expenses and your passport. Losing cash and a mastercard may be replaced however losing a passport in another country is an in depth trouble which might ruin your trip. i do know it’s troublesome to be 100 percent stealing free. however we are able to a minimum of take some solid measures to avoid this example as expected. Stayed tuned to see some travel tips!

Lock Your BackPack:

This may sound obvious however several travelers neglect to follow this basic level of safety. There’s no ought to get a backpack with tie closures. However you’ll be able to get a bag with lockable zippers or just lock your bag with a padlock. With these padlocks, you’ll be able to keep your valuables safe and secure.

  • Cable lock: this {can be} nice for securing your bag however anyone can simply cut it with a knife. Safe however not as safe that you simply will fully depend upon it.
  • Exomesh: terribly secure as you’ll be able to pack your bag safely in steel internet (which is understood as exomesh). In spite of its safety choices, it’s serious and not ideal for carrying.
  • Locker: if you’re staying in hostels then you’ll be able to place your baggage in lockers simply. Otherwise, a padlock is additionally the safest choice to shield your bag.

Waist Pouch

Little and Best; wear waist pouch which is able to nicely cover below the shirt. This pouch is enough for a handful of bills, cards and for any little item. you’ll be able to simply get cash out from the belt while not being detected.

Use Virtual Money

It is advised to stay minimum money with you. Digital transactions square measure perpetually safest; thus will keep credit or debit cards in your pocket.

  • Make copies of all of your documents: you’ll be able to click the picture ( in phone or have some Photostat also) of the ID card, passport and debit/credit card so if one thing can get it wrong you’ll be able to straight off contact to the police or bank for inquiry.
  • Stash your money: ne’er keep all of your cash at one purpose. although you’re move with minimum currency, then additionally it’s best to stay the money at totally different places.

Book a Personal Room

If you’re on their own then favor to keep during a non-public space and not in dorms or with somebody you met throughout your trip. however although you select to share your space with anyone then ne’er discloses your stuff or valuables before of him and check out to stay most of your valuables below your pillow whereas sleeping in the dark.

Buy Travel Insurance

To be the safest facet you’ll be able to get travel insurance to form positive if one thing can get it wrong then insurance can cowl all of your loss. Sometimes, this travel insurance could embody things like laptops, camera gear, phones and iPads. So, you’ll be able to build your trip safer and stress-free.

Last however Not Least

You can carry the dummy notecase and stuff it with pretend currency, dummy debit/credit cards. so if somebody can approach you with evil intentions then you bluff them with dummy notecase and build him get away while not losing something to yourself.


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