India Announces Relief For OCI Card Holders

A few airlines denying boarding to specific travelers underneath 20 or over 50 years old for not having new OCI card, in consistence with Indian government’s implementation of the most recent OCI card validity policy, blended fomentation among the foreign citizens of Indian origin in the United States, Europe, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and the Middle East.

Insufficient mindfulness about the abrupt implementation of the OCI card renewal policies which have been set up for quite a long time brought about a mounting number of excursion undoing’s and instances of provocation at origin airports or during travel at associating airports like Dubai, Doha, Singapore and France. We got an inundation of solicitations from OCI card holders for their booking wiping out in the course of recent weeks.

However, there is a significant relief for Overseas Citizens of India with renewed passports yet old OCI cards. The unbending implementation of the OCI validity and renewal strategy by immigration authorities and aircraft authorities has been loose to guarantee smooth travel to India till June 30, 2020. OCI card holders, who are either underneath 20 or over 50 years old, can keep on taking flights to India with their new passports and old OCI cards until June 30, 2020. Simultaneously, they are required to convey their old dropped passport.

Recently, the Foreigners Division of the Home Ministry gave a mandate requesting government offices and carriers to lift the implementation for problem free travel of kids and senior residents among the OCI card holders around the world. It is an welcome relief as long as they have the old dropped passport.

In the event that OCI card holders beneath 20 or over 50 years forget to convey or neglect to create their old dropped passport while traveling to India, they will be denied boarding. Notwithstanding, re-issuance of OCI card at the hour of passport renewal for those beneath 20 or over 50 is an obligatory prerequisite that they should satisfy by June 30, 2020.

On observing reports of monstrous bother caused to kids and senior residents among the OCI card holders, a few Indian-beginning pioneers including Indian American Prem Bhandari raised the issue to Harsh Vardhan Shringla, Indian represetative to the US, and the Civil Aviation Ministry of India, as per PTI.


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