Turkish Airlines Plans to Open Five New Lounges at New Airport of Istanbul

After the completion of the “Great Move” to its new home base, Turkish Airlines has announced that it will open five new passenger lounges at new airport of Istanbul are available for special classes. Three of the them are already open for passengers and remaining will be open in Summer 2019.

The Turkish Airlines Business Lounge is roughly 60,000 square feet with habitations for 765 travelers, conference rooms, a library, a prayer room and 13 personal accommodations with showers. The lounge features a 130 square foot museum is combination of arts and cultural institution Istanbul Modern. This is one of the presently open lounges.

The Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Lounge is also over 60,000 square feet for 765 guests, but only has 11 private suites with showers. This lounge also offer special couches where guests can rest and enjoy Turkish and international foods and mobile services.

Moreover, this Lounge also provide a placate gaming experience, golf area and a large children’s play space. A technology center with 3D glasses and video game remains being planned. The Miles & Smiles Lounge is also available for guests to enjoy at this time.

The final of the three open lounges is the Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge, located outside the terminal and accessed through a special door so passengers can finish check-in procedures and shift directly to the air plane via buses. Lounge services include comfortable seating, Turkish food, a large children’s play area, multiple screens and a prayer room.

The remaining two lounges that Turkish Airlines is planning to open are the Exclusive Lounge and Arrival Lounge. The overall design concept of the Business Class and Miles & Smiles lounges reflect an Aegean theme, including designs depicting breezes. The Ribbon Wall — the most special figure in Turkish Airlines’ lounges — is inspired by a flowing motif and consists of solid wood panels that ripple through all lounges.


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